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The purpose of the Society is to strengthen, to defend and to spread the Catholic faith everywhere in so far as this is committed to it by Divine Providence.

We are Community

Therefore, by exercising this ecclesiastical teaching function in word and writing, it intends to achieve the end that all people might know more and more the one true God and Him whom He sent, Jesus Christ.

We are Family

You cannot rest content until all people know, love, and serve Jesus as their Saviour. Fr. Francis Mary of the Cross Jordan – Founder of the Salvatorian Family, 1881


We are Catholic, religious, apostolic and international Society founded by Fr Francis Jordan in 1881. In Canada we are present since 1981.


The heart of Father Francis was aglow with apostolic zeal. He urged his followers to carry out his apostolic work by all means the love of God dictates.


Whatever way of life you will be called to it is important not to be afraid to follow God’s call and trust Him that He will be with you in special way of life


Lay Salvatorians are men and women, married or single, who have God at the center of their lives; people who give testimony of God's kingdom

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We welcome you to our website. It is a privilege to have you with us. We would like to present to you The Society of The Divine Saviour in Canada. We hope you like it. From the menus you can select a number of items which will inform you about our Religious Order. I am certain that you will find this information helpful and interesting.

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Salvatorian religious life is a way to live following Jesus as the Saviour of the world. To be a Salvatorian religious is to believe in life, to trust in God's action, to be full of hope, to cultivate noble ideals, to involve everyone in the building of a better world. A Salvatorian is one who feels saved by Jesus, since he is his friend, brother, and Lord, and so wants to lead others to salvation. more+
The religious Priest also consecrates himself through the vows of Chastity, Obedience and Poverty. In addition, he participates in the second degree of the sacrament of Orders, the presbyterate. He is the one responsible for parish ministry, for the celebration of the Eucharist and of the sacrament of Reconciliation. The religious Priest can help many people encounter Jesus and find salvation. As a Salvatorian Priest, he ministers with a distinct spirituality, a Salvatorian spirituality, which marks him. more+
The religious Brother is a person who consecrates himself to God through the vows of Chastity, Obedience, and Poverty thereby surrendering himself completely to God with all his heart and life. The Salvatorian religious Brother can contribute to the salvation of people by working in the formation of lay leaders, in formal education, in spiritual direction, in youth ministry, in the communications media. The religious Brother is one who by means of his consecration discovers new ways to lead people to Jesus. more+
Sisters of the Divine Savior (also known as Salvatorian Sisters), are a worldwide community of religious women. more+
Lay Salvatorians explore and live out the Gospel demands of ministry, service, and love within the context of the larger Salvatorian family.  more+

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